WARNING: MAY ATTRACT hungry pandas

Oh Shoot! reading glassesoh shoot!
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EYEWEAR FOR THE irreverent & slightly jaded

tv party women's reading glasses46 - Pink front with orange temples losing it women's reading glasses10 - Blue violet front with green temples provocateur women's reading glasses01 - Red front with black and white spotted temples sugar cane women's reading glasses11 - Spotty green and blue front with natural bamboo temples
passion nut men's reading glasses18 - Red front with horn temples passion nut men's reading glasses77 - Orange gone fishing men's reading glasses17 - Dark green front with natural bamboo temples peek performer men's reading glasses10 - Silver front with blue striped temples on board men's reading glasses50 -Blue tortoise and blue
I'm Right reading glasses77 - Dark orange and green art attack reading glases52 - Magenta front with purple temples and a matte finish vice chair reading glasses22 - Red tortoise with a rubberized finish ms. kitty reading glasses01 - Red with a snake pattern bossy reading glasses74 - Tortoise and black variegated front with tortoise temples

Style that's FAR FROM 'BIZARRE'

Wondering what’s cooking with eyebobs and Andrew Zimmern? The all new Sun of Zimm is a great frame for a great cause.

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A Fine Wine

A splash of Marsala, anyone?

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Happy Birthday Sir Elton John!

Eyebobs is wishing an irreverent and slightly jaded birthday to the one and only Sir Elton John.

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