Square Glasses & Frames

Be forewarned: few are able to stop at square one.
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Square Glasses & Frames

Virtual Try-on

Thanks to our exceptionally personalized and shockingly accurate Virtual Try-On experience, it's time to pinpoint your ideal eyewear from, well, anywhere.

  1. 1Grab your ID or credit card, you’ll be using it as a measuring tool. 
  2. 2Follow the instructions to record a quick five-second “selfie video” with your camera. 
  3. 3Pick a frame and watch as the style appears on the captured image, as well as your face shape, size, and recommended frames. 

Frames we recommend for your face shape!

Face Shape:

Face Width:

Frame Shape:

If you have a broad forehead paired with a narrow, angular chin, you have a heart face shape.

If your face is slightly longer than it is wide and you have a rounded forehead and jawline, you have an oval face shape. 

If you have a rounded forehead and chin as well as wider cheekbones, you have a round face shape.

If your face is about as long as it is wide as well as angular, you have a square face shape.

If your face is widest at the jaw and narrow at the temples, you have a triangle face shape.

Look for "Recommended Styles" underneath the products while shopping for your new frames!

Your try on is ready! Use the toggle on collection pages or the link on product pages to see yourself in our frames.

Your Try-on is Ready!

You're ready to try on eyebobs. Look for the Try On toggle button below each product. You can also see a larger Try On by visiting any product page.

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