At eyebobs, we're committed to providing a website and in-store retail experiences that are accessible and navigable to all our customers. To meet this goal, we strive to assess and increase the accessibility and usability of our website using the standards and guidelines available to us. We aim to comply with all applicable state and federal accessibility requirements as well as best practices in providing accessibility.

Many components of our website have been customized to make it more accessible and user-friendly for all of our customers. For our website, we use the guidelines of the Web Accessibility Initiative as a model. The guidelines found there provide information around making web content more accessible to individuals with disabilities. In partnership with the eyebobs team and our technology partners, we regularly review our site to ensure it adheres to those guidelines. By satisfying the guidelines laid out to us, we are able to ensure that is an accessible site for all our beloved customers.

If you or anyone you know should encounter any difficulty using our website or in our retail stores, have ideas about improving the usability or accessibility of our website or app, or would like to know more about eyebobs' commitment to accessibility, please contact us at or by calling 866-393-2627.