Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We get it: finding your perfect pair of frames can feel a bit like online dating. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, the pressure of picking your partner based on a couple of sexy pictures and figuring out the logistics of getting together. Lucky for you, we love playing matchmaker. Consider this your one-stop shop for navigating the wonderful world of eyewear affairs. We’ve got answers to your burning questions about everything from frame fit to lens types to discount codes and everything in between. We may not be able to swipe for you, but our team of Personal Stylists is here to make sure you and your new pair are in it for the long haul.

Frame Fit.


What should I do if my eyebobs sit crooked on my face or slide down my nose?

  • If the fit of your frames is cattywampus, keep your chin up! It’s perfectly normal for brand-new frames to need a bit of fine-tuning. One of our esteemed frame-ists or a qualified optician can adjust your eyebobs for you. Having your glasses adjusted is like having a suit tailored; it is best done in person for a custom fit. (Trust us, you will look totally hot after!) Most eye care professionals will do adjustments at no charge if you ask nicely or offer them candy.
  • Keep in mind, even the most well-made frames stretch over time – that's why we recommend you get your glasses adjusted every 3-6 months. Even an Italian sports car needs an oil change every 5,000 miles. If you're local to the Twin Cities, stop in at one of our retail locations for a free adjustment. If not, ask your optometrist or nearest eyebobs retailer using our store finder.


How do I know if a frame fits me?

Here are a few rules of thumb to determine whether a frame fits. For a fully comprehensive 411, check out our handy-dandy fit guide.

  • Pupils should be near the center of the lens.
  • The width of the frame shouldn’t extend past the side of your face.
  • Eyebrows should not be inside the lenses.
  • When you smile, your cheeks shouldn’t push the frames up.
  • The temples, or arms, are not too long or too short.

An optical adjustment can go a long way in correcting minor fit issues. If you find a frame you love but it doesn’t fit quite right, consider an adjustment at one of our retail stores or at your local eye care provider.


Do frames come in different sizes?

  • They sure do, dear reader. We offer several styles in two sizes, which you can browse in this collection.
  • Please note that not all our frames come in two sizes. If you encounter a frame size that’s greyed out, it means we are currently plum out of that size.
  • To make it easier to nail down your “just right” frame, we have a filter to search by size while you’re browsing for glasses. We also provide the measurements of each frame on the product's detail page. Wahoo, indeed.


Our Frames.


How do I care for my eyebobs?

eyebobs are pretty low-maintenance, like a cactus or a pet rock. But, from time to time, they do need a little TLC. Follow these tips to keep your eyebobs in tip-top shape.

  • Habitat: We offer a complimentary case with each of our frames. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S SACRED, USE IT!!! Keeping your eyebobs comfy and cozy in their case will reduce wear and tear and keep your frames looking stupendous. When you notice your case becoming dirty and dusty, change your case out to avoid scratching your lenses, too. Also, while we’re all for keeping your glasses close, it’s not recommended to let them live on top of your head as this can cause warping. All our frames are equipped with flexible spring lenses, though, so it’s okay to bend the rules juuust a tad.
  • Bathing: Clean your eyebobs as needed to maintain maximum foxiness. Trust us, smudged lenses are neither cute nor constructive. Eyeglass cleaner works best, but warm water with dish soap will do in a pinch. Dry with a soft, clean cloth. Do not use paper towels or tissues. Any wood-based products will scratch the lenses (save the trees and your glasses – it’s a win-win).
  • Maintenance: Glasses really get around: wherever you go, so do they. We know you would never dream of dropping them, falling asleep in them, putting them in your pocket or on top of your head, but it’s still worth noting that all these things cause stress to the frame. Just like you might need some extra Z’s after traveling, your glasses might need an occasional tune-up after months of wear.

Got a loose screw? If you’re handy, you can gently tighten screws with a small screwdriver. eyebobs offers a replacement screw kit if you lose your screws completely (don’t worry; it happens to the best of us). Visit one of our retail stores or an optical store every six months for an adjustment. They can help a frame that has stretched or fallen out of alignment, too.

 Where can I find my frame’s measurements?

  • Optical measurements of the frames can be found on the inside of the left temple, as well as on our website on each individual product page.


Can I order frames without lenses or non-prescription “fashion” glasses?

  • We do not offer frames without lenses, but we do offer frames with 'plano' lenses (no magnification) for those with glasses-envy. Check under the cart’s non-prescription section to score some seriously stylish new doo-dads. First, choose 'Select My Lens' on any detail page, then 'Readers,' and then 'Plano.' Although we don’t ship frames without lenses, our lenses are optical-quality and can be removed. (Our frames are optical quality, too!)


What materials are my eyebobs made from?

  • Italian-designed acetate: This is the type of material we use to make nearly all of our frames. Acetate is the same material used to make most high-end designer frames. The color and quality are unmatched. This is the good stuff, people!
  • Metal: We use high-quality, precision-crafted stainless steel in all of our metal frames. This guarantees a strong and durable frame that can be worn by many face shapes.


 Where will my glasses be made?

  • Our frames are sourced throughout the world with the best suppliers and manufacturers including China and Vietnam. Our lenses are cut closer to home in the Midwest.

What if you can't put a new lens in my old frames?

  • Because we want you to be able to wear your favorite pair of eyebobs for as long as possible, we are happy to offer lens replacements. However, sometimes old frames have wear and tear that make it difficult to put new lenses in them. Sometimes, we are unable to properly update your old frames with new lenses for this reason. You will only be charged for a lens replacement if we are successfully able to put new lenses in your old frames.



Reading Glasses.


How do I figure out my ideal magnification?

  • If you’ve recently been framed, your eye care provider may still have your strength on file. We recommend checking in with them, but if you need a plan B, this handy test can help you figure out your strength.


Can I replace the lenses in my eyebobs with a different magnification?

  • Why, yes, we certainly can outfit your ‘bobs with new lenses. Bear in mind, reading glasses go through A LOT of wear and tear with daily use. Once you initiate a lens replacement through this page, you’ll receive a separate email with a return label within one business day. When you send your glasses in for a lens replacement service, we begin the process of replacing your lenses with an updated strength. Currently, you can replace reader lenses, blue light lenses, progressive reader lenses, and reader sunglass lenses.


I need a +1.50 in my right eye and a +2.00 in my left. Can I still order eyebobs?

  • But of course! Please pick the highest strength (+3.50 or +4.00) when checking out in the cart and include this information in the notes section of your order summary page, and we will ensure both lenses are correct for your individual eye needs. This applies to any lens with strength specifications, including readers. (Ex of the note to leave us: Right Eye: +2.00 Left Eye: +1.50.)


What are your reader lenses made of?

  • Our reader lenses are made with the highly refutable CR-39 material and have a scratch-resistant and smudge-proof coating. Check out our lens guide for more details.


What reader coatings do you have?

  • Our CR-39 lenses include a premium scratch-proof and smudge-proof coating. Not to mention you can add a blue light coating for readers that help with print and digital reading!


    What is a progressive reader?

    • We’re glad you asked. A progressive reader is a hassle-free lens that lets you say ‘sayonara’ to lost glasses. Forget fumbling to find your glasses when you need to read and taking them off when you don’t – you can leave them on. All. Day. Long.
    • Progressive readers’ innovative no-line progressive lenses feature your selected reading magnification at the bottom, half in the middle, and a no-magnification area on top for when you don’t need a reader at all. It’s a single range for every distance, so you can let on-again-off-again be a thing of the past.
    • Take a peek at our lens guide for more information.

    What happened to your bifocal readers and bifocal reader sunglasses?

    • Our job is to make you feel seen whilst making sure you can see. Although we know there are a few ride-or-die bifocal reader fans among you, an overwhelming majority let us know that these lenses were not living up to that promise. For this reason, we have said so long to our bifocal lenses.


    Prescription Glasses.


    What are your prescription lenses made of? 

    • Polycarbonate, a.k.a., the industry standard. These lenses are anti-reflective, "shatter-proof," lightweight, and 100% UV protected. You also have an option of thinner material, known as a 1.67 High Index lens. We recommend the 1.67 when the total power of your prescription is a +/- 4.00 or higher – they’re heavy-duty lenses, minus the bug-eyed effect. Get the skinny on lens options here.


    What prescription coatings do you have?

    • Our polycarbonate lenses include a premium anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant coating, and a UVA/UVB filter. We also have a polarized lens if you’re looking for sunglasses, transitions if you’re looking for sun-responsive lenses, and a blue light coating, which filters out artificial blue light from screens.


    How do I enter my eyeglass prescription?

    • This is the need-to-know stuff. There are a couple of different effortless ways you can deliver your prescription unto us, so we can deliver your RX-ready eyebobs unto you. Your options include:
      • Upload from your device during checkout
      • Submit via email –
      • Authorize eyebobs to contact your eyecare professional to get your prescription (sometimes this requires a signed consent form in advance)
      • On file – returning customers may use a current, valid prescription from a previous order


    My prescription has expired or doesn't have an expiration date. Can I still order glasses?

    • Optical prescriptions are guided by regulations and laws, just like your medication prescriptions. This means by law, we are unable to fill expired prescriptions. Typically, prescriptions expire in 1-2 years, depending on doctor’s preference and state. We would be happy to verify your prescription with your doctor directly. If your prescription is expired, you can still order your glasses and send in your prescription within 30 days of your order – or we can call your eye care provider and get it for you. If we do not receive your prescription within 30 days, your order will be cancelled.


    My doctor gave me a prescription for contact lenses. Can I use this to order my glasses?

    • Unfortunately, you can’t kill two types of vision correction with one prescription. Eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are different beasts, so glasses can only be ordered using eyeglass prescriptions. You can obtain a copy of your prescription and e-mail it to or we can call your eye care provider and get it for you. Or, if this isn’t your first eyebobs rodeo, you can call us at 1-866-393-2627 or email to confirm the expiration date on your prescription that we have on file.


    How do I know my prescription will be correct?

    • We verify all submitted prescriptions prior to sending them to our lab. If we have questions or see something that doesn’t look quite right, we will contact you or your doctor to verify. If you are uploading your prescription yourself, please make sure the photo is clear and the writing is legible to help avoid any potential hitches.
    • We use Essilor lab, the best in the industry, and follow all industry standards to ensure your lenses are exactly what you ordered.


    Do you charge for a strong prescription?

    • We don’t charge extra based solely on your prescription if you select our basic polycarbonate lens, but we do offer a 1.67 (or High Index) lens for a stronger prescription. These heavy-duty lens types tend to carry a heavy-duty price tag, but we’re happy to offer them for just $50 extra buckeroos. We recommend rocking the 1.67 lenses if your prescription’s total power is a +/- 4.00. Email us with any questions at if your prescription is +/- 10.00 for additional options.


     When should I use a High Index lens?

    • For those who require lenses with considerable strength but would prefer to avoid a considerable bug-eyed effect, our High Index or 1.67 lens is the right choice for you. We recommend choosing this lens if you’re sitting pretty at a total power of +/- 4.00 or higher. They’re also lighter and thinner than traditional lenses, so you can get to the point faster (the point being perfect vision, of course).


    What is predictive seg height?

    • Not just a bunch of nonsense words, we swear. This is the vertical measurement from the bottom of your lens to the beginning of the progressive power on progressive lenses or the top line of a bifocal. We measure the seg height in all our frames and take the average number for that measurement with both men and women in each style.


    What is my PD and how do I measure it?

    • PD, or Pupillary Distance, is the distance between the centers of your pupils, measured in millimeters. This measurement is essential for making sure your eyes are sitting pretty and perfectly centered within your lenses. You can ask any eye care provider to measure your PD, or you can measure your own PD with our guide. When using our measurement tool, please make sure to divide the number you get by two for your cart entry.


    What does sphere mean in my prescription?

    • Sphere is your actual prescription in each eye. The number indicates the lens power, while the +/- sign indicates nearsightedness (-) or farsightedness (+). Look at you, becoming a certified expert in the vision-related vernacular.


    What does cylinder mean in my prescription?

    • Cylinder indicates the amount of correction for astigmatism, a common cause of sub-optimal sight. If you have astigmatism, this means you have a deviation in the curve of your eye that causes blurry vision. This measurement goes hand-in-hand with the axis value, which indicates the angle of your astigmatism. Together, cylinder and axis measurements provide guidelines for the proper lens curvature to counter astigmatism.


    What is the difference between a single-vision and progressive prescription lens?

    • A single-vision lens will have one prescription throughout the lens (usually all distance or all reading), whereas a progressive lens has distance on top that blends into reading on the bottom, creating a seamless multi-focal correction. Single-vision lenses are for you if you only need vision correction at one distance. If you need a boost in all viewing distances, look towards progressive lenses.


    Can I order progressive prescription lenses that are computer distance on top and reading on bottom?

    • Yes, indeed. Our optical experts are able to translate your progressive prescription to what you’ll be using it for. This type of reader is commonly called an office lens. Just be sure to have your preferred lens type in the notes on your order or clearly stated on your submitted prescription. We also recommend having your doctor write a specific prescription just for this lens option.


    Can I get prescription sunglasses?

    • Most definitely. We offer transition lenses – or “sun-responsive lenses,” as some call them – that get darker in the sunlight. They also have a blue light coating that helps to filter blue light from the sun. You will be able to select this option on the product detail page, before placing the item in your cart. If you’re looking for prescription shades, make sure to select “prescription” first under the “select lens” options. You can select polarized or light sensitive lens options prior to adding a frame to your cart.


    Blue Light Glasses.


    How do blue light glasses work?

    • These lenses block artificial blue light from screens which may reduce eyestrain and headaches. And should you love them so much you want to wear them beyond digital use, go right ahead! You can wear them all day long. Blue light is available in almost all styles, barring some half-rim frames. Options abound! 
    • This lens type is also available as an addition to readers with strengths from 0.00 to +4.00,
    • Sounds like sunscreen for your peepers, right? If you feel like reading about this lens equivalent of SPF until you’re blue in the face, turn an eye towards our blog post about them.


    How quickly can I get my blue light glasses?

    • Blue Light glasses are made to order. Please allow an additional 2-4 business days to custom cut your lenses before shipping.


    Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges.


    May I return or exchange my eyebobs?

    • In the unlikely event that you fail to look highly intelligent or avant-garde in your new frames, eyebobs offers free returns and exchanges. You have 90 days from date of purchase to return or exchange new merchandise. To start a return / exchange, click here. Please allow for up to 4 business days to process returns once received at eyebobs HQ.
    • All final sale frames are, as the name implies, final sale. They cannot be returned or exchanged.
    • Customers are responsible for taxes and customs charges. International customers are responsible for taxes, customs charges, and duties for all order and returns.
    • International shipping: As of June 2018, eyebobs will no longer fulfill orders to and from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.


    How long before I will receive my glasses?

    • Prescription glasses will be processed in 7-10 business days from the date your RX is confirmed. Shipping times vary depending on your location but will take an additional 3-6 days. Ready-to-ship glasses (glasses we have ready to send off right away) can take up to 6 business days to get to you but sometimes come earlier. Glasses made special for you upon ordering can take up to 10 total business days for processing and shipping but sometimes arrive earlier, too.
    • Please note that your cart, order summary, and confirmation page will all show your estimated shipping time. Watch your email notifications to stay up to date on the status of your order.


    Can I change or cancel my order?

    • Call our Customer Experience Team at 1-866-393-2627 or email us at within 24 hours of your order and we will make every effort to modify or cancel your order. Because we process orders as quickly as possible, the faster you reach out to us, the more likely it is we can modify an order. Please note that shipping information cannot be changed once the order is placed.


    Do I have to take care of customs or taxes?

    • Customers are responsible for taxes and customs charges. International customers are responsible for taxes, customs charges, and duties for all orders, returns, and exchanges.


    Do I get a tracking number?

    • We send email confirmations on all orders at the time of shipment with your tracking information. Can't find it? Feel free to call us at 1-866-393-2627 or email us at for help.


    What Is Your Holiday Shipping Deadline?

    • Order in-stock readers by December 15th (says "Ships in 2 Business Days" in cart) to get them in time for the holidays.
    • Order custom make readers by December 8th (says "Ships in 3-5 Business Days" in cart) to them in time for the holidays.




    Do you accept insurance?

    • Your vision insurance plan may cover a portion of your purchase or your entire eyewear purchase. Please make sure to check with your insurance provider for eligibility for an out of network provider. eyebobs does not bill insurance companies directly, but once you purchase your eyewear, we are happy to send you an itemized receipt that you can forward to your provider for reimbursement. Just pop into the chat box on our website, contact us at, or give us a call at 1-866-393-2627. 


    Can I make a purchase with my FSA or HSA?

    • eyebobs accepts FSA or HSA dollars for all eyewear purchases as long as your FSA or HSA card is associated with VISA, MasterCard or American Express (please check with your employer or insurance provider to be sure the expense is eligible). To place an order online, just use your FSA or HSA card like a credit card* or give us a call at 1-866-393-2627.
    • If your insurance provider did not issue you a FSA or HSA card and you have an account, you can pay for your order and we can send you an itemized receipt to send to your provider for reimbursement. Just contact us at or give us a call at 1-866-393-2627.
    • *You may only use one form of payment per purchase. Need a hand? Call us at 1-866-393-2627 and we will be happy to help you complete your purchase.


    How do I use a discount code?

    • This option is available during checkout. Scroll down to the box that reads “Discount Code” to seize those savings.


    Can I use more than one discount code at a time?

    • No, we can only accept one discount code per order. The exception is when a discount code and voucher code are applied to the same purchase.


    Why doesn't my promo code work on Lake & Harriet by eyebobs items?

    • Due to the limited quantities and luxury quality of the Lake & Harriet by eyebobs collection, these frames are not eligible for any promotions or discounts. But trust us, they’re extremely worth it.


    I do not see the lenses I want or I’m getting an error?

    • Some frames may not be well-suited for certain prescriptions. If you’re getting an error, please call Customer Experience at 1-866-393-2627 or email us at for assistance. You may also try clearing your cache to make sure it’s not a browser/internet issue!


    Do my glasses have a warranty?

    • Yes, we’ve got you covered. All eyebobs come with a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects. Email us at to see if your defect falls under warranty with a photo (a photo is required for warranty inspection!).
    • Lenses: Any coating or chipping defects, including discoloration of a blue light or anti-reflective coating, is covered under warranty.
    • Frames: Peeling acetate or chipping on metal frames? We can fix that under warranty.
    • No-goes: Manufacturing defects do not include scratched lenses or normal wear and tear. eyebobs that have been stepped on, dropped, run over by a car, chewed on by dogs, smashed by toddlers, abducted by aliens or blown up by dynamite also do not qualify. 
    • Not sure if your frame is covered? Email us at and we’ll help!



    Still have burning questions? Please, pick our brains.

    Reach our customer experience experts via phone at 1-866-393-2627 or live chat on!