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It all started with an a-ha moment. Drugstores were full of cheap readers and optical retailers carried expensive designer frames, but there were no options in the gulf between. Enter eyebobs. Since 2001, we’ve been making quality readers for expressive people. 

Hemingway had the page. O’Keeffe had the canvas. eyebobs has each and every idiosyncratic member of the human race. From day one, we’ve fashioned original readers for original people. Three cheers to those who make seven statements a week. Keep up the good fight. You inspire us, and we hope to inspire you. 

If you're a publisher that exists to express like us, perhaps it's time we had a chat?


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  • You could earn over $112.50 per month with only one sale per day!
  • Our system will track the referrals and compensate you for advertising the offer on a performance basis.
  • We offer media source tracking, online link tracking, promo codes, text links and more!
  • Depending on the specific terms of our agreement, you can get paid as frequently as daily using direct deposit into your bank account.
  • Get free U.S. shipping on orders over $75 and 90-day returns with every single purchase.
  • It's free and easy to sign up for our program.
  • You'll love our product.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Affiliates must not bid on eyebobs trademarked terms + "term", e.g. "eyebobs coupons'', "eyebobs coupon codes'', etc.

  • Affiliates must not bid on the eyebobs trademarks shown below, including misspellings and variations, on any search engine: eyebobs,,,,

  • eyebobs' customer information is considered confidential and the Affiliate’s obtaining or data-basing any such information is a violation of these Program terms and will result in immediate removal of the Affiliate from the Program. eyebobs reserves the right to void and reverse commission payouts for any Program order resulting from fraudulent activity, in its sole discretion. Other voided orders and commission payout reversals can result from orders being canceled by the customer, credit card declines, or any other situation that situation that may result with than order not being billed and shipped

  • A violation of these terms may result in commission reduction to 0% unless we receive and accept a response from you that you will correct your behavior consistent with this agreement or may result in immediate termination of the affiliate relationship and may be cause for reversal of past commissions earned up to 30 days.

Thank you for thinking of us for your affiliate partnerships. Don't hesitate to reach out with any lingering questions!