Paul Buttenhoff Shares His Styling Tips for Men

February 15, 2021
Paul in Old Sport

Paul Buttenhoff is a man of many skills and occupations (biologist, professor, yoga teacher and influencer to name a few). He's known for having a carefully curated collection of interesting accent pieces like boots, ties and frames. We asked Paul to share how he went from jeans and white tees to expressing himself with bold accessories and we are elated to share his tips with you!


Start Where You're At.

"It's easiest to take the next step in style by starting with what you already own and love. I’m a fan of wearing chambray shirts with denim jeans and boots. I started adding frames with a retro feel to these outfits. Not only was it an easy way to switch it up, it made me feel connected to my granddad, which means a lot to me.

If you love a good tie or pocket square, try a colorful frame to add a touch of style! Choosing frames with similar tones to a tie, pocket square, bag or a pair of shoes is a great way to pull an outfit together!" Similarly, patterned frames can add nice visual texture to monochromatic outfits! Start with tortoise shell frames combined with a dark gray or black suit.

Before I leave the house in the morning, I often try several different frames with one outfit to see which give me the desired effect (much in the same way you might with shoes). It’s amazing how much different frame shapes and colors can change a look!


My Current Favorites: Clear and Metal Frames.

I absolutely love clear, "crispy" frames. They draw attention to the eyes and add lightness and a modern vibe to any outfit. Clear frames are like a blank canvas, a gray suit or a little black dress … they offer endless styling possibilities. 

I often choose metal frames that compliment the other tools that help me get through the day … a fountain pen, pocket knife, watch, etc. Even though the components aren’t always visible or obvious to others, it helps me feel put together and gives me a boost of confidence. Metal frames can also provide a great contrast to soft fabrics such as linen or suede – honestly, they add the perfect touch of sleekness to any style. 


Finding Confidence in a Zoom-Run World.

Want to break the standard Zoom "blahs?" Situate yourself in front of a neutral wall, choose some colorful frames and move your computer camera up a foot or so from your desk (I prop my laptop on a few big books). This change of angle and pop of color will allow you to stand out and feel groovy!

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