Prescription Frames. Custom Made For You.

June 30, 2020
Prescription Frames. Custom Made For You.

Did you know that your eyebobs prescription frame is made custom to fit your face exactly? We work tirelessly to perfect every piece of your unique frame. The lens, the hardware, the colors, you name it. We check, then double check, each pair of glasses to make sure that what you're getting is no less than our best work - all so that you can see the world with perfect clarity.

Have you graduated from readers to prescription frames? Not sure you'll be able to find the same great fit and fashion forward style in a pair of new specs? We’ve got news for you. It’s possible. And what’s better – it’s easy.

Choose the Perfect Frame

A rule of thumb when you’re shopping for a frame is that opposites attract. If you have a roundish face, look for a rectangular or other angular frames. If you have a more angular face, round or organic frames are for you. It’s all about balance. Of course, rules are meant to be broken. If you find a pair of frames that make you feel amazing… go for it!

Fit Guide


Measure Your PD

PD (Pupillary Distance) is the space between your pupils. Everyone’s eyes are spaced apart differently, so we need this measurement to make sure your prescription lenses work for you. Without it your vision could turn out blurry.

The majority of prescriptions will have the PD measurement right on them. If not, you can check with your eye care provider to see if they have it on file. Or, you can measure it yourself at home with our handy PD measurement tool.

Click here to measure your PD!


Send Us Your Prescription

We’ve made this process super easy for you- faster than heating up leftover hot dish. Once you have your frame in your shopping cart, click on the Submit My Prescription option and select how you would like to submit it. You can scan it and upload it from your computer or by snapping a photo on your phone and emailing it to us. If you’d like, you can even have eyebobs reach out to your eye care provider to get your prescription.

Still not sure you have it all figured out? Give our Customer Experience team a call at 866-393-2627. They can help you through any existential crisis or eyewear conundrum.

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