Reading Glasses Strength Explained

March 22, 2021
Reading Glasses Strength Explained
What is a +1.00 Reader? How high do your strengths go? How do I figure out which strength is right for me? So often, we know we need Readers, but we don't know the nitty-gritty details. Let's get nitty and gritty and make everything as clear as our lenses.

What is Reader Strength?

Reader strength refers to the level of magnification in your reading lenses. Reading lenses are measured by diopters. We offer diopters from +1.00 to +4.00, with +1.00 being the least amount of magnification and +4.00 being the most. Say you only need a little magnification to read, you'd be closer to a +1.00. If words are just blobs on a piece of paper without your Readers, consider something closer to a +4.00!

How Do I Figure Out My Reader Strength?

To land on the right strength, take our Readers strength test! The first line of text you can't read without your glasses will tell you what strength to get in your Readers. If you order Readers and want to try swapping up or down in strength, our 90-day return policy has got your back (or maybe, your sight? Eh, you get it).