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January 26, 2021
Wanda's Styling Tips for Spring

I know it's only February, but I am having major spring fever over here. If you haven’t noticed, I have a serious obsession for changing my glasses. Whether it's my reading glasses, Blue Light blockers, or sunglasses, frames are an accessory I can’t live without. Eyebobs glasses have taken my obsession to the next level. Wait ‘til you see their new metal frames collection and wide range of color options that will instantly give you the sleekest of spring styles.


How Metal Frames Make a Big Impact

Here is a little truth serum: Metal frames are now my new favorite accessory. You guys know how much I love a large acetate frame, but I was extremely surprised when I tried on eyebobs' new metal collection. It felt like I wasn’t wearing glasses at all! Even though metal frames are lightweight, they make a big impact for styling your wardrobe. Each frame in The Metals Collection has just a hint of color, which adds a fun, playful element to your overall look. You can pair a metal frame with any bold, colorful outfit or even a monochromatic one. Glasses are meant to be your next best accessory.


What's Trending This Spring

We are seeing green, lime green and bright yellows make their way to center stage. eyebobs' Source Code in lime pairs perfectly with a classic white blouse, distressed denim pants and a black blazer. Pull the trending colors through your accessories, like adding a fun pop of yellow in your handbag or shoes. 

Another huge trend I am seeing for spring and summer is layering mixed metal jewelry. Take one silver necklace, add a gold necklace in a longer length and so on. I personally like to layer in odd numbers. Pairing this trend with your new metal frames is very classic.


How to Style eyebobs This Season

Spring is just around the corner, which means the time to wear bright colors is quickly approaching. I love sporting white denim and pairing it with some fun bold print -- in most cases, either leopard (which by the way, is considered a neutral) or some sort of pink.

The best thing to add as an accessory is a fun pair of glasses! My favorite frame from the new collection is Motherboard in blush. Blush is such a witty color that accents any look, and the gorgeous butterfly style really shows off make-up. It reminds me of when I wear pearl earrings -- it gives a certain glow next to your skin.

Another fun spring styling tip is to wear your favorite denim jeans, a white blouse and a very bold blazer. Throw on your eyebobs, some big jewelry and boom -- you are good to go.


Styling with Masks

Even though we are wearing our masks, you can still address someone with your eyes.

Masks are not going anywhere, and black seems to be the trending color of masks for spring. I would play with a bold frame like Kvetcher in tortoise. Again, add a fun pop of leopard in your shoes while incorporating this bold frame.

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