The Best Reading Glasses For Men

February 22, 2022
The Best Reading Glasses For Men

No matter how you scored on the Mensa test, how quickly you can fix a leaky faucet, or what sort of reading material you deem acceptable to bring to the beach; if you are reading this with your eyes, you, we, all of us, may one day need reading glasses. This isn’t really a matter of opinion. It’s just facts. So instead of squinting your way through your father’s Coq Au Vin recipe or holding the newspaper so far away from your face that your arms give out, let us walk through how to find the best readers to bring out the distinguished, handsome devil in you.

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What’s my Face Shape?

First and foremost, when it comes to choosing the best readers for you, it’s not just about personal style. It’s also very much about your face and its shape. Before we dive into things, take a look in the mirror (or take our style quiz). Do you have prominent cheekbones? A chiseled jawline? If so you might consider yourself a square (shape). Maybe your face is a bit rounder or perhaps more angular. Do you have a wider head or a more narrow one? Having a general idea of what you’re working with won’t necessarily cramp your style, but it will give you a better idea of which glasses will best compliment your features. And of course, give you sweet, sweet context as we serve up style advice.


Square Face Shape

Sure, glasses have a long history of being accessories reserved for nerds, dweebs, and squares. But that was then and now, glasses are no longer associated with IQ levels. Ironically enough, square frames are the most versatile of all the frame shapes (especially if you have more rounded features). If you want to go full Buddy Holly with your look, try out the Kvetcher frames. Should you be looking to convince every passerby that you are a very important person, with a very important seat at a very exclusive table, we suggest trying the Boardroom for a more classic look. 

 Board Stiff

Round Face Shape

Round frames are truly a joy, the round shape compliments those with slightly angular features and serves up a sense of playful sophistication. You can take it to a more straightforward place like the Board Stiff frame, or you can be the most well-rounded person in the room when you show up wearing something like the Wisecracker frame (these in tortoise are stunning). If you have a penchant for criminal law and notable eyebrow raise we suggest you give the Case Closed frames a whirl.

 What Inheritance?

Half-Rim Reading Glasses

For those of us who have never half-assed anything, perhaps the best readers for you are eyeglasses that cannot be mistaken for anything but reading glasses. We’re talking about the sometimes topless, sometimes bottomless half-rim look. Do you enjoy keeping people guessing? Do you have the vocabulary of an Ivy League grad but the haircut of a heavy metal drummer? Then stop what you’re doing (which is reading this blog) and go try on the What Inheritance? frames immediately. And while you’re there, try out the Untamed and Old Money as well. P.S. for those of you bold enough to consider going topless or bottomless, we applaud your commitment. Bravo, you flashy SOB.


How to Choose a Frame Color

There’s no doubt that shape, size, and style are important. But another important consideration while choosing new readers is color. As strong supporters of bold eyewear, we wouldn’t dare miss the opportunity to get more colorful frames into the world and onto your handsome face. First up, even if you’re more of a bookworm, we highly suggest you take a peek at our TV Party frames which come in several solid colors and a multi-colored option for the risk-takers out there. Maybe you’re more of a risk-taker lite? User Friendly comes in a fabulous two-tone or a speckled multicolor frame that tames the whole amazing technicolor dreamcoat look without killing the vibe. And, last but not least, there’s our writerly friend, the Humber Narrator that’s tried and true and never shies away from a good color story.

Choosing the Right Frame Size

If there’s one thing that matters slightly more than style or shape, it is definitely size. Wearing frames that don’t fit your face is like wearing a suit that doesn’t fit your body. Ridiculous. Whether or not your glasses fit has everything to do with how much you will enjoy wearing them and how good they will look on you. If you happen to have a wider-sized head (not to be confused with an inflated ego) we suggest trying on the aptly named, Wide Eyed frame. If you have a more narrow head size, go for a classic frame like Biff.


How do I Find the Perfect Frames?

As you can see, whether you’re a bookish fellow that can appreciate an antique wingback leather chair and happens to own a smoking jacket or a more practical type that’s been wearing the same jeans since the early aughts, we have the shapes and styles for every kind out there. We also have a plethora of lens types including blue lights, sunglasses, prescription, and readers. 

So, whenever you’re ready to stop struggling to organize your mystery novel collection or tie your fly-fishing lures, please know you have an open invitation to try on as many pairs of readers as you’d like in-store or get an idea of the perfect fit with our virtual try-on tool. Eye strain be damned! Let the search begin.

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