The Best Reading Glasses for Women

February 06, 2022
best reading glasses for women

So you’re interested in a pair of reading glasses, but you are NOT interested in looking like an old, condescending granny every time you need to read the label on your cereal box or look up from your crossword? 

No offense to your grandmother, but these feelings are perfectly understandable. Needing some extra magnification shouldn’t mean you have to settle for the same styles that have been on the shelf since your mother bought her first pair. There’s no need to spend your Sunday in the aisle of a poorly lit drugstore, hemming, and hawing over a scant selection of less-than-ideal styles. Frankly, you deserve better. So, let’s find you a pair (or three) that complement your style and personality.

 eleanor blush crystal


Will Square Frames Look Good On Me?

If your style says:

  • “I’m just grabbing a quick coffee before heading to my next business meeting” or

  • “Thank you, your honor” or

  • “No, just one manhattan is plenty for me, thank you”

… then square or rectangle shapes might be the way to go for you.  This shape is so classic, it’s never been out of style. Not to mention, it’s super versatile — a lot of glasses wearers can sport this look flawlessly, especially those with rounded features. For a more masculine, Eugene Levy-meets-Buddy Holly look, pick up something thick-rimmed like our Kvetcher frames in Tortoise & Black. If you’re going for more of a classic, bookish look, try out On Board in Tortoise & Navy or Orange if you’re feeling bold. Either way, you’ll be sure to turn some heads and impress some clients. 


Shop Round Womens Reading Glasses 

What’s The Best Face Shape for Round Frames?

If you have angular features, AKA cheekbones for days, then you’re in luck because we have more round frames than could last a lifetime. Round frames are highly complementary for people with more angular features, but if angular isn’t how you would describe yourself, don’t let that get in the way of trying them out virtually

Whether you’re writing the next New York Times Best-Seller or your grocery list, round frames will only amplify your already sophisticated aura. For a very circular look to suit your strong jawline, take a peek at Case Closed in one of the various colors (we know that green caught your eye.) For an oval shape to complement an angular chin, check out Board Stiff in Spotty Blue Tortoise.


Shop Colorful Reading Glasses for Women

Can I Pull Off Red Frames?

Tired of feeling like your world is dull and gray? Time to make it technicolor. We love a classic look, but nothing says my home is decorated with Warhol prints like a bright, colorful pair of reading glasses. If you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of color, try Waylaid in Blue Fade Crystal or Olive Demi Crystal. If colorful is your middle name, we can’t recommend Chutzpah’d enough — the wild patterns and bold colors are the perfect pair for your eclectic style!


Shop Cat Eye Womens Reading Glasses

Who Should Sport a Cat Eye?

For those who have always had a thing for that sexy librarian look, we’re here to talk cat-eye glasses. The popular shape from the fifties has transformed into a shape that suits every modern mystery woman. Cat-eye glasses are the perfect blend of sweet, smart, and sassy, and have graced the faces of many bombshell women of history — Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe, to name a few. 

If you’re not ready to go full cat-eye, but still want a little grrrr in your look, try out our Overlook frames in red crystal; they’ll go perfectly with that little black dress in your closet. For a modern take on a classic look that will compliment your high cheekbones, you’d better check out Love Good. For a sexy-yet-soft look, we highly recommend the aptly named Rose frames

 merry prankster red


How do I Determine Frame Width?

Most people fall into the “average” measurement for their frame width. But, you? Not so much. If your head size measurement is less than 130mm, then narrow frames are your new best friend. And here’s the thing: narrow frames may be smaller in size, but they leave nothing to be desired. Try out a pair like Overlook (that will also work for the average frame width ladies), or one of our favorites, Old Money. You can’t help but bask in their glory, and neither will the strangers you pass on the streets. 


Best Wide Sized Frames for Women

… or keep your options wide open

On the flip side, not to call you big-headed or anything, but if your head measurement is larger than 140mm, a pair of wide frames will suit you well. To no surprise, we’ve got ample options outside of the typical, turnstile options you may be used to. Take a look at Case Closed in Matte Blue or Waylaid in Red Demi to Blue Fade, for example. Feel free to express yourself through color and shape to your heart’s (and head’s) desire.


See What You Need?

Superb! If you’re still torn (we get it, there are so many beautiful options!) may we suggest you take our style quiz to find out which frame is the one for you.

There’s no need to choose between squinting to read your favorite book for the fifth time or wearing bland, run-of-the-mill frames. Welcome the way searching for a beautiful pair of readers should be. So, don’t snuggle up with The Feminine Mystique or attempt to play the piano again without at least browsing our reading glasses for women. You can thank us later.

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