Looking for a frame that flatters? These guidelines can help you find the best frame for your face shape. Keep in mind, these are only suggestions. (Rules are meant to be broken, right?!?) So if you find a frame that doesn’t fit these guidelines, but makes you feel like a million bucks – go for it! The bottom line: if it feels good, WEAR IT!


Oval faces have balanced proportions, high cheekbones and a lightly curved jawline that is narrower than the forehead. This is the most versatile face shape. Oval faces can pull off most frame styles without an issue.

Look for frames with bold shapes, fun colors and textures, and a size that helps maintain balance. Steer clear of oversized frames – they can overwhelm an oval face.

A few frames to try: Hexed, Jim Dandy, Touche, Meeooww!, Peckerhead


Square faces are proportional in height and width. They feature a broad forehead and prominent jawline.

Look for frames in rounded, oval or upswept shapes. Thinner frames look great, as well as frames in dark or bold colors. Avoid square frames or other geometric shapes – they tend to exaggerate a square face’s prominent angles.

A few frames to try: Laider, Case Closed, Phone It In, TV Party, Soft Kitty


Round faces have full cheeks, a wide forehead, rounded chin and they are equal in length and width.

Look for frames with strong angles and interesting details like metal components on rivets. Square or rectangular frames in particular can provide balance. Circular frames tend to exaggerate roundness – so remember, opposites attract! Styles with nosepads work well for round faces as they can help keep frames off the cheeks.

A few frames to try: C F O, Style Guy, Mensch, Fare n’ Square, C Suite


Heart-shaped faces have high cheekbones and broad foreheads that extend down to a narrow or pointed chin.

Look for frames that are wider than the forehead. Oval shapes work very well, as do thin or light-colored frames. Frames with detail on the lower half can also help with balance. Avoid frames in dark colors or styles that are top-heavy.

A few frames to try: Patty Wagon, Sugar, Paper Chase, Hanky Panky, On Board

Still not sure which style will work? Take them for a test drive. Our site has a Virtual Try On tool (available on desktop only) so you can take any pair for a spin. How’s that for smart shopping?

Happy frame hunting!

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