Introducing: Untitled Part II.

Lake & Harriet by eyebobs.

Lake & Harriet by eyebobs.

The idea to create empowering, eclectic eyewear started on the corner of Lake St. and Harriet Ave. in Minneapolis, Minnesota over 20 years ago. eyebobs was founded in 2001 to answer this call for exceptionally bold and under-no-circumstances-boring eyewear. Lake and Harriet was created under this notion: to give you something that transcends the boundaries of glasses and blurs the line between vision and visionary. Lake and Harriet’s vocation is to honor artful creation and true individuality. Through our art-inspired collection, Untitled, we offer something truly special for those that color miles outside the lines and eat the status quo for lunch.

Say Hello to The Untitled Collection Part II.

Too experiential to be put into one, small box. Untitled works of art are history’s way of recognizing that beauty and expression cannot be summarized with a simple label.

And so, with part II of The Untitled Collection (the first collection from Lake & Harriet by eyebobs), we follow this lead. These frames are indescribable, thought-provoking works of art, for your face.

"Part II of Untitled comes in more sizes, so even more people can experience the joy of glasses that are more like art-wear than eyewear."

— Christen DeHate, Product Designer

"Just like part I of Untitled, part II is inspired by undefinable works of art. This eyewear was created with no boundaries and no rules. It's a collection like no other."

— Christen DeHate, Product Designer

"What should people expect from this eyewear? From a design standpoint, people should expect uber-unique layering and lamination, one-of-a-kind bridges, fascinating "cut-outs," and sensationally bold colors."

— Christen DeHate, Product Designer

The Lake & Harriet by eyebobs Blog.

It’s time to discover how Lake & Harriet came to be as well as the frames from the original Lake & Harriet by eyebobs line.

Due to the limited quantities and luxury quality of the Lake & Harriet by eyebobs collection, these frames are not eligible for any promotions or discounts. But trust us, you'll love them.

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