Create a Better Background for your Zoom Meetings

February 01, 2021
Up Your Zoom Game

What shows up in the background of your Zoom calls? A motivational poster? A dog laying on the bed? Empty wine bottles? Now that we’ve all pointed to a spot in our house and called “dibs” for the remainder of our work-from-home time, we need to talk about your Zoom aesthetic. If there’s only white walls behind you, your coworkers may think you’re squatting in an empty apartment. If your lounge chair is covered in animal hair, your boss might wonder if you’ve finally crossed over into cat lady territory. So, here’s three easy-yet-important tips for turning your Zoom screen into the hottest topic of this week’s Slack small talk.


Follow the rule of threes.

If you’re dealing with a near-empty at-home office and are overwhelmed with all of the ways you could decorate, start with three simple statement pieces. A picture, a plant, a chair. A poster, an end table, a book shelf. After all, three is better than one.


Tackle the walls (not literally)

White walls are the biggest distraction on a Zoom call. Even just one picture will make you appear like you have your office decor 60% more together than you do. Just make sure the picture isn’t so wacky that your coworkers stop paying attention to you when you’re speaking!


Experiment with the placement of décor around your desk.

It’s all about perspective. What might look like an insignificant plant from six feet behind you might make a big impact on your background if brought closer to the desk. Not everything has to be lined up against your back wall!


And, of course, if you’re looking for more praise on your WFH style, you know we’ve got the goods. Our bold frames win lots of compliments, even across a screen. If Zoom décor tips are still lost on you, attractive eyewear won’t be.

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