Owning Your Personal Style (Even Online!)

December 16, 2020
Owning Your Personal Style (Even Online!)

Ready to rock your Zoom look?


So, you’ve mastered the art of logging in to a Zoom meeting. The next issue to tackle: How do you show your personal flair as a floating head on a screen? Yes, 2020 has deprived us of sporting our most fabulous outfits for all to see, but there’s still ways to let your style shine behind the screen!


Tip 1: Head and Shoulders.

Our frames are so bold that the style transcends even the blurriest of screens.
Put on your eyebobs to polish your look (even if you’re wearing PJ pants or leggings –– we won’t tell!).


Tip 2: Self Care Essentials.

Show up for your meetings (and yourself) by keeping your eyes as healthy as possible.
Blue Light frames protect from eye strain, headaches and fatigue, so you’ll be as on for your meetings as you’d like to be.


Tip 3: Frame of Reference.

Rotate your eyewear selection to tell people exactly how you’re feeling without saying a word.
Feeling bold? Slip on Kvetcher. Studious? Time for Guy St. Louis. Trying to trend set? Rare Bird in milky blush is all you!

Plus, if you’re celebrating the holidays with friends and family over zoom, we’ve got a gift for that!
Our gift cards are the perfectly unique present for picky-gifters.

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Customer Favorites: