Stop Your Squinting

June 30, 2020
Stop Your Squinting

Think of all the times you wished you could wear your reader, and your sunglasses, at the same time. Like the time you were out to brunch on that new gorgeous patio at your favorite restaurant and you couldn't read the menu without being blinded by the sun. Or that time you were on the golf course and you wanted to mark down the Birdie you just got on your score card but couldn't see without your readers.

The solution? eyebobs' Reader Sunglasses. Whether you're off on a short holiday or spending the rest of the season down south - color us jealous - a stylish sunreader makes for the perfect travel sidekick. Pulling double duty, one pair of sunreaders is all you need to take you from your morning stroll to the beach to happy hour with friends at your favorite water hole. Plus, packing light means more room to bring back souvenirs. AND, with eyebobs new Any Frame, Any Lens approach to eyewear, you can get a reader sunglass in ANY FRAME. That's over 400 options for you to choose from!

So how do they work?

Unlike a traditional reader, sunreaders feature a lined bifocal lens with the power you need on the bottom with no correction on the top allowing you to wear them outside all day, regardless of activity. So you can brunch, golf, and garden 'til your heart's content.

What are people saying about them?

“Seriously, eyebobs sunglass readers changed my life. I don't have to search for my reading glasses when I'm outdoors doing things and can read my phone and see the car dash instruments when driving my car. And, I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on my yellow frame Board Stiff sunreaders. From cable installers, to Starbucks baristas, strangers on the street to friends and family, EVERYONE stops me and asks about my sunglasses and I am thrilled to help change their lives and make them as happy as I am with this product.” – Nancy B.

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